Experienced Cooks

Our cooks are hired with the expectation that they will work with integrity and passion. All training materials, uniform and staff mentors will be provided. Line cooks are also expected to do prep throughout the shifts during down time. Our busiest shifts are on the weekends and holidays so cooks need to have availability to work those busy shifts. Employees are expected to clean their station and also help with the clean up of the remaining kitchen areas, including helping the dishwasher throughout and at the end of each shift. 

Experienced Servers 

The Server ensures all guests are provided with prompt and friendly service according to Aunt Berta's Kitchen standards. The Server describes menu items, assists guests in making food and beverage selections, takes and rings in orders, delivers food and beverages, processes payments, and assists fellow team members to ensure overall guest satisfaction.

Office Manager 

Office managers are responsible for the efficient functioning of an office through a range of administrative, financial and managerial tasks.


Our dishwashers hold the responsibility of ensuring the availability of clean dishes by bussing tables, washing dishes, pots, pans, and flatware, and resetting dining areas. Preparing dining areas and kitchen for next shift by cleaning and restocking dining areas and cook stations.

Kitchen Managers 

A kitchen manager is responsible for the overall operations for the back of house and kitchen area of a restaurant. Kitchen managers hire staff, purchase food and stock, and make sure everyone is trained on proper food preparation and kitchen safety techniques.