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Aunt Berta’s Kitchen makes down-home style soul food that tastes great, and it's cooked with your health in mind.

People of all ethnic backgrounds love the soul foods or “comfort foods” that many of us grew up with. Yet in today’s busy world, it’s hard for most of us to find the time to cook the old-fashioned way, even if we know the recipes and ingredients.xxxx


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to eat this delicious tasting food whenever you wanted, or to offer it to your guests for a party, family affair, or organization function? And if you could get the great taste of ribs, chicken, greens, and all the rest without all of the fats traditionally used to bring out the flavor, you could enjoy this great cuisine without feeling guilty about it.


"Aunt Berta" honored as  2005 Woman of Outstanding Achievement Award for Community Service by Girl Scouts.

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Most of us don’t have the skills, the knowledge of cooking techniques, the access to the old-fashioned recipes, and the ability to combine the ingredients to bring these great tasting foods to our table. So we fall back on the fast-foods, the pre-packaged market meals, or the tired old restaurant fare.


At Aunt Berta’s Kitchen, we cook the food today that you grew up loving. We may even cook it as well as your

Mom did. And because we have a lifetime of training in professional food service and a knowledge of modern dietetics, we’ve been able to alter the old-fashioned recipes to make them more healthful while still tasting great.


We bring a heritage of Southern-style soul food together with a lifetime of experience as a food service professional to make Aunt Berta’s Kitchen. We’re located in Oaklyn, NJ convenient to South Jersey and Philadelphia, and you can enjoy our food three ways: take-out, sit-down at our restaurant, or have us cater your next party, event, or affair. Once you’ve tried Aunt Berta’s you’ll become another satisfied customer.






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